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End of the World? Catholic Church Okays Same-sex Marriage in Germany

German Catholic Church to give blessings to same-sex marriages starting 2026; DW reports that 176 church officials voted to approve decision against 14 opposers.

Over and over again, there has been a lot of debate especially on the legality of the church accepting same sex marriages. This has been a serious discussion especially in the church after a section of some churches okayed the move to allow even the Catholic fathers who traditionally have been barred from marrying to go ahead if they so wish.

Just the other day, the Anglican Church in the UK gave the LGBTQ a thumbs up where it said that the members should not be discriminated but embraced into the society. This caused a lot of division in the Anglican church of Kenya where it's leader Jackson Olesapit said that they cannot follow their parent church.

In the pronouncement that has left the whole world wondering where we are heading as a Church was after the Catholic Church in Germany allegedely okayed the marriage of same-sex. According to DW, 176 church officials voted to approve decision against 14 opposers.

This has left literally the whole world in surprise on why the church of such a caliber can allow something that is against the teachings of the Bible.

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