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Is Drinking Alcohol A Sin? Biblical Truth About Alcohol Every Christian Should Know

One of Christianity's most divisive issues is whether or not its adherents should drink alcohol. The Bible describes Canaan as a land abundant in wine, milk, and honey, so it's fitting that Jesus performed his first miracle there. People in Psalms 104:14-15 thought wine a good thing, but drunkenness a sign of stupidity.

According to His teachings, Jesus approves of both total abstinence and moderate alcohol consumption. According to Matthew 11:16-19, if John the Baptist didn't arrive eating or drinking, people thought he was possessed, but if the Son of Man came eating and drinking, they'd claim he was a drunk and a sinner.

The apostle Paul has repeatedly emphasized the dangers of alcohol. According to his beliefs, a deacon candidate should not be an alcoholic, and the congregation at Corinth was instructed to avoid socializing with a drunk. And he went on to argue that Christians should not only eat and drink for the glory of God, but do all they do for the glory of God.

Moderate alcohol consumption is morally acceptable, but those who struggle to resist excessive drinking should seek help.


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