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The Only Country Without A Single Church In The World

Saudi Arabia is a country located in middle East in Asia continent. In Saudi Arabia, Muslims occupied the highest percentage of religion. An estimation of 99.99% of the people of Saudi Arabia are Muslims. The city of Mecca which is the capital of the country is believed to be the center of worship.

The city of Mecca is believed to be the sacred place of 'hajji' where all Muslims in the world gathered once in a year to praise Allah. In Saudi Arabia, other religions are prohibited. Moreso, Christianity is is not allowed in the country. Many Christians in this country are being persecuted, and stone to death due to their faith in Christ.

Other religious denomination in this country are considered as private way of life. This is because Islamic religion is a state religion considered by the government. Any other non-believers of Islamic way of life are persecuted and killed. In Saudi Arabia there is no even a single church. The few individuals who are Christians practice their faith at their on risk. That's why other religions in this country is considered as a private way of life.

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