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"I Didn't Know My Pastor Was A Lesbian Untill One Day After Service She Touched Me Inappropriately," Lady Opens Up on a Sad Incident

Alice a mother and three from Nyandarua has narrated how she came to know that her pastor was a lesbian after she touched her inappropriately and confessed to her that she was a lesbian.

According to Alice she grew up in Christian family and even after she got married she joined a church where her husband was attending,she continued to minister in that church since it was a call for her.

She says that in this church they were spreading the gospel in all counties and so she was assigned with one female pastor and they used to go in weekends in different counties,Alice says that this pastor always used to tell her how she is beautiful and smart and she thought it was just a compliment.

Alice says that one weekend they went to kitale and the last day which was on a Sunday they got so late and so they didn't go home but rented one guest room with one bed,she says that they ate and fresh up and went to bed and said a prayer before sleeping.

She says that during the night Alice noticed that her pastor was touching her inappropriately,She quickly stopped her and asked her what was going on, that's when the pastor told her that she liked her alot and admired her body. The pastor told her that she was a lesbian and that she would teach her a new way of enjoying herself.

Alice knew what would happen and quickly refused,She said that she kept disturbing her the whole night but she refused to do what the pastor the morning she woke up early in the morning and went home and informed her husband the incident and they reported her to the bishop and she was suspended from the church.

She says that she felt bad and joined another church where they have been attending together with her husband and kids,she has urged people to always pray because nowdays evil things are even in churches and poeple pretend to be holy.

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Alice Christian Lesbian Nyandarua


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