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4 Important Things To Do When Praying.

3 Important Things To Do When Praying.

Prayer is a an exceptional conversation that we occupy ourselves in with our Deity. Many of us have different faiths and believe differently but during prayer the following acts need to be inculcated.


This is a sign of submissiveness to God. It portrays God as being Almighty and we humans depending on Him. Kneeling down is an act of compliance and obedience towards God's laws and commandments.

Close your eyes

This will help you focus as distractions are minimised. It also shows the spirituality of a prayer as a special communication.

Pray in privacy

No one wants to hear you pray. Again praying i n privacy allows you to tell God your innermost requests. Prayer in privacy is essential and weighty to us all.

Be generous

Pray generously, this means that you pray for others too. Do not be selfish in your prayer, only asking God to bless you alone! God hears you and as you pray for others, all satanic chains are broken in their lives.

Invoking God every time is necessary for our survival in this world as temptations are all over. Never forget to summon Him before starting and ending your day.

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