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Famous Kenyan Pastor Ezekiel Believes He's Been Chosen By God

We have seen very many preachers coming out to proclaim that they have been appointed by God. The longest serving preacher who has managed to get the attention of Kenyans and even congregants abroad is pastor Owuor. Apparently, many of you have seen the Holiness and Repentance churches all over and you can never convince the congregants to leave their church since their belief is already strong and rooted to their church. Last few weeks we had pastor Ezekiel coming forward and he managed to attract the attention of many Kenyans. Many actually travelled to his Kasarani Stadium crusade and majority claimed that they believe in his teachings. This actually created controversy and we saw some online exchange of words between the two preachers with their supporters defending them on every social media platforms. Now, today we have just received news from Nation media about pastor Ezekiel who confessed to their journalists that he believes that God has chosen him over everyone to come and preach to people. He said that his ability to attract massive number is because of God's power and he is currently having his church in Kilifi where people visit for blessings. Pastor Ezekiel revealed that he uses blessed water to pray for his people who have so far confessed about seeing positive change in their lives. Source, Nation.

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