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5 Reasons Why The Devil Attacks You And 6 Ways To Overcome

In life, the sad reality is that we face an adversary who is willing to attack us any time. The Bible refers to the devil as roaming about like a lion looking for whom to devour. The devil attacks especially those who have declared allegiance to God. Here are several reasons why the devil attacks you:

1. To prevent God's plan over your life from manifesting

According to Jeremiah 29:11, God's plans for us are for a good and prosperous future but the devil seeks to destroy these plans. The devil does this so as to prevent the plans of God from becoming a reality over our lives.

2. He seeks to be worshipped

The very reason why Satan rebelled against God is because he sought to be equal with God. His pride made him desire to be worshipped. Whenever he attacks men, his intention is to cause men to doubt God and begin to glorify the pain rather than thank God.

3. To prove God wrong and discredit him

As an accuser of the brethren, the devil stands before God to prove Him wrong concerning his word. This is what he did in the case of Job when he afflicted him with sickness so that he would deny God. However, Job endured and never complained to God.

4. To delay God's purpose for your life

As the devil launches an attack against you, his plan is also to delay the purposes of God over your life from coming to pass. In Daniel 10, the Angel confesses that since the first day that Daniel set himself to fast and pray, God had answered the prayer. However, the Angel sent to deliver the answer was opposed for 21 days by the Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13). This shows how the answer was delayed. However, Daniel's prayer prevailed and he received an answer although a bit late.

5. To cause you to give up

The devil knows that by limiting and attacking you, you will eventually give up and surrender. Therefore, you will not do or pursue the will of God for your life.

6. To cause you to divert in your pursuit

The devil is keen to ensure that he takes you off course. You will therefore end up following the wrong direction and pursuing the wrong vision. This can also be referred to as confusion. It causes a person to lose the track hence end up miserable.

How To Overcome

1. Pray against every form of attack

Prayer will always remain the vital weapon to wage war against the devil. We cannot prevail by our might and strength. As you pray, also declare the word of God concerning your life to counter these attacks.

2. Remain loyal to God

Ensure you're on God's side because God always defends his own. If you take sides with the devil, then you will have it rough. You cannot serve two masters at a time (Matthew 6:24).

3. Repent your sins

Sin gives the devil access into our lives. This means that when we sin and don't repent, the devil can easily attack us. Repent and ask God for forgiveness for the sins you have committed.

4. Remain steadfast and firm

Choose not to surrender to the devil. Remain firm in the Lord despite the challenges and temptations. Know that you are more than a conqueror through Christ who gives you strength (Hebrews 10:35-37).

5. Stay focused on God and his plan for your life

Staying focused on God will prevent you from being confused or distracted by the devil. Stand strong on the promises of God for your life and have faith in God and his word which is faithful and true.

6. Decree the name of Jesus over your life

The name of Jesus Christ has power to undo every evil. It has power over the kingdom of darkness and it's powers and principalities. Declare the blood of Jesus Christ over your life and that of your loved ones.

May the Lord keep you safe and protect you from every attack of the enemy.

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