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Every Man Should Have Multiple Wives: Check Out The Reasons

I understand that this may seem strange to some people, but having more than one wife is not a bad thing as long as you are capable of caring for them. Let's start with Christians.

I understand that most Christians will object to the idea of multiple wives, but they should ask themselves why the wisest man in the Bible had over 100 wives. This is a fact about which they should think. If the Bible can account for King Solomon having multiple wives while yet naming him the smartest man, then it must be true. Then I believe it is also a wise decision for any man to have multiple wives, as long as he can properly care for them.

In Islam, a man can have as many wives as he wants as long as he can care for the women he marries.

This is critical because it encourages a man to focus on his family rather than looking outward after marriage. The most common issue in today's families is sleeping outside of marriage. This is due to the fact that the male is no longer content with his wife.

On the other hand, if a man could have as many wives as he wanted, he would never tire of any of them. He will always be content as long as he has carefully prepared his family. And, most importantly, he already possesses everything he has ever desired. Rather than cheating on your spouse outside of your marriage.

It is preferable to legally marry the woman as another wife and care for her. It is not a sin in the eyes of the creator to do so.

I'm sure the majority of people will oppose this, and many will lecture about how bad it is. However, having a lady as a wife is preferable to sleeping with her outside of your marriage. So let us know what you think in the comments area below. 

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