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6 Signs That You Will Experience When God Is Trying To Speak To You

1. When God's word begins to communicate to the heart

When you observe that the word of God not only speaks to the mind but also to the heart, you know the holy spirit is trying to communicate with you. When the Holy Spirit is at work, the word of God can only touch the heart. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts people's hearts through God's message. When the word of God begins to speak to your heart and you feel a strong conviction about God, you know the Holy Spirit is at work.

2. When you have a sense of inner peace

Even amid life's storms, it is the holy spirit who provides a person's inner serenity. You may be in a terrible situation, but you may realize that your heart and entire being are instantly flooded with serenity from inside. This kind of spiritual calm is an indication that the Holy Spirit is working within you. If you become more eager to hear from Him, He will provide you with a route out of your constricting situation.

3. Bible verses, in particular, keep coming up for you

One of the first things the Holy Spirit will do in your life is using the word of God to link you to the Father. When you sense consistency in the message that you are hearing, you may be sure that the holy spirit is trying to speak to you. If a certain passage keeps occurring to you in one form or another throughout the day, it implies the Holy Spirit is attempting to communicate with you.

4. When you have the impression that the preacher is speaking directly to you during the sermon

Have you ever had the impression that the preacher is speaking directly to you during his or her sermon? Everything he says makes it seem as if he or she already knows your particular circumstance. When the Holy Spirit wants to communicate with you, he employs one of these methods. The preaching may be unsettling at times, but that just means the Holy Spirit is at work, seeking to convict you and deliver the word to you. You will undoubtedly feel compelled to repair wrongs and do what God desires after hearing the sermon. That is how the holy spirit communicates with individuals.

5. A sudden feeling of unease and a strong desire to pray

You could be blissfully situated somewhere or busy doing something when you suddenly feel disturbed, prompting you to pray about a certain issue. One method to tell if the holy spirit is attempting to attract your attention so he may talk to you is if you notice this. It is beneficial to pray about such feelings whenever they arise until your heart is drenched with God's peace.

6. An incomprehensible level of belief in anything

You'll agree with me that there are instances when you just have a strong feeling about something without knowing why. Even if you're meeting someone for the first time, you can tell if they're plotting something bad. This is how the gift of discernment works, as mature people understand. That is a typical sign that the holy spirit is trying to communicate with you.

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