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3 Signs That God Is Punishing You For Your Wrong Doings

God will never punish anyone if he/she didn't do anything wrong. His intentions are to discipline you so that you can do the right thing. He is God of justice and He will never punish anyone unfairly. There are some signs that you will see in your life if God is disciplining you. You should never assume them. Repent and do what is right. The following are some of the signs that God is punishing you for your wrong doings.

1.You start suffering the consequences of what you did.

God will never let you go scold free if you did something that pissed Him off. God loves us so much and He will never stop loving us even after sinning. He doesn't tolerate sins that's why He will punish you even after asking for forgiveness. If you are suffering the consequences of what you did to someone, just know that God is disciplining you to be a better person.

2.Your wrong doings are exposed.

Even the things that you did in the dark will be exposed in the light. No matter how much you try to hide from the truth, God will expose you at the right time. He sees everything that you're doing. If you notice this just know that God is at work. He loves you so much but He will never tolerate your sins. He needs you to do the right thing.

3.What you did backfires at you.

This is another painful sign that God is punishing you. It mostly happens when you want to do something bad to your family/friends. For example if you wanted to poison your brothers child who is prospering, you will end up poisoning your own child. You will have yourself to be blamed. That is a clear sign that God is punishing you.

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