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Two Languages Which God Can Understand

There are diverse language that are currently being used in the world. God do not understand either of this languages. There must exist a universal language that God is using for every individual to understand. Here are the two languages.

1. Emotions

God uses the feelings of your heart to understand what you are going through or what you want. When you speak your language, it generates certain emotions in your hear. This feelings creates a frequency which God recognises.

2. Thoughts

The second language which God can understand, is your thoughts.

Thoughts can be in human languages, but it will create certain frequencies over which God can understand what you literally mean.

Next time you want to pray, make sure to use a language that you personally understand, so that it create emotions which means the same as what you want to experience. For example, if you want happiness in your life, just feel happy and you will attract happiness from God. That's how prayers are answered.

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