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Maajabu ya Musa: Indian Village Starts Worshipping Coronavirus God

Women from the villages of Kushinagar and Varanasi have begun the worship of a deity they now call Corona Mai. This is simply a deification of the virus that has ravaged the world and especially India in hopes that they will be spared of this virus.

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Corona Mai, as she is now known in the two villages is worshipped on Sundays by the women. The women of Varanasi gathered on Sunday to offer prayers to the Covid-19 god to spare the country of the virus.

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The women are also doing a get-together in Ghats to offer prayers to the god to ease up on the punishment they're suffering. They said that the prayers will last for 21 days, during which they will be steadfastly begging for the god to relieve them of this burden.

When they were proaded on who advised them to begin this religious belief, they responded that this was widely agreed. India is known to be one of the countries on Earth where polytheism is widely practiced.

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