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Things God Does Not Want You To Do When Praying

God desires to hear prayers of everyone who desires and practices righteousness. According to Psalms 65:2, everyone comes to God because he answers prayers. However, there are some things that God dislikes when praying and below is a list of them.

Repetition Of Vain Words

According to Mathew 6:7, you should not repeat the same words over and over again because God already knows what your needs are.

Bearing Unforgiveness In Your Heart Against Your Neighbors

Mark 11:25 reveals that God will not forgive your sins if you fail to forgive those who offend you. Therefore, not forgiving others can hinder your prayers from being granted.

Do Not Pray Where You Can Be Seen By People

According to Mathew 6:5, God does not want you to pray in public places. Instead, he expects you to go and pray in private places expect in churches or other public gatherings.

Do Not Make Vows You Cannot Meet

Ecclesiastes 5:4-5 warns against making a vow and not paying it. It states that it is better to not make a vow rather than make a vow and not fulfil it.

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