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Here Are The Number Of Years A Pastor Was Jailed For Chewing His Followers

It is sometimes hard to believe that, the people mandated to naurish us spiritually, are the one who in one way or the other misleads us.

According to the Holly scripture, the are mainly the ones supposed to take care of their sheep so that the may not go astray.

It seems that,some of the pastors have changed their role to an extent of them feasting on their innocent followers.

It is shocking what a pastor from God Is Love Ministries did was uncalled for. He cunningly asked his followers to go receive blessings.

His way of giving them blessings was unique as he was supposed to be intimate with them to receive blessings.

This never made them happy and the congratulations decided to take the matter to the police as it was against the law.

To his surprise, the pastor was found guilty of the rape allegations and was given 37 years behind bars.

This should be a wake up call to such pastor who misleads their followers in the name of blessings.

Congregants should also be wise enough to not such pastors and unmask them as early as possible.

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