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Nakuru Governor Kihika Leeds Residents In Prayers As Catholics Countrywide Begin Prayers At Subukia.

Many of you especially those who are from the Catholic church are definitely aware of the event that is going on in Nakuru county Subukia region. It is that time of the year when the clergy and members from Catholic church gather at Subukia for prayers which kicked off today. Apparently, the event is going on for couple of days and so Nakuru governor Susan Kihika decided to attend a prayer and worship mission accompanied by other leaders so that they can give thanks and pray for their home county. Susan Kihika was quick to thank God for helping her clinch the win and up to now her work has been outstanding since nobody has heard of any complains from the Nakuru residents. She thanked Nakuru residents for promoting togetherness which has brought Kenyans and leaders together as one family. Kihika promised to serve her people diligently since they voted for her generously. Susan Kihika claimed that she is giving thanks since her victory was given by God and according to her whatever God has given has to be sustained by God himself. Source, Facebook.

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