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False Teachings That You Should Never Accept As A Christian

Nowadays, many people are spending the word of God through different means such as preaching or through songs. However, the majority of these people are spending false information about the teachings Of Jesus. Most of them don't know the thing to say to their followers and they end up telling liars. In this piece am going to share with you 3 false teachings that as a true Christian you should never accept.

The first false teaching is about salvation after death. Most people believe that when some dies a sinner he or she will be forgiven after death. However, this is not the case, the only time you have to be saved is while you are still alive. Hebrew Chapter 9.17 says  "it is certain that people die only once, but judgment after that,". The same book further explains that after death there is judgment and no second chance is given.

Secondly, In the absence of a heaven or a hell, Those who think and are convinced that there is no such thing as a heaven or a hell exist to exist. God created the skies in the beginning, according to the first book of the Bible, which we can read here. However, because of the disobedience of Lucifer and his fallen angels, God had to expel them to hell, which was not part of the original design of God.

Lastly, Salvation Comes By Works  Some people believe that the reason for their salvation is because they are good. Anyone that tells you that salvation comes from hard work is cheating you. Salvation comes from God's mercies. God.The book of Titus 3: 5 gives us a clear picture.  

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