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Cresent Moon symbol At The Top Of The Mosque, See The Meaning

The mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. Any worship activity that follows the rules of Islamic prayer can be said to create a mosque, whether it takes place in a special building or not. Muslims worship Allah in the mosque.

Many people have wondered what is the meaning of the moon symbol at the top of the mosque. Generally, the Muslim Othaman Empire Turks adopted the crescent symbol after they conquered Constantinople. In most cases, the images of the crescent moon and Islam are combined in such a way that seems to emphasize the qualities of each other and the two are intertwined in popular imagination to make people believe that muslims worship the moon god, but this is not the case.

The moon symbol is mostly seen on the top of the mosque. It is a well known symbol related to Muslims. Together with the five pointed stars at the top of the mosque, they reflect the five pillars of Islam. This is the core of the Islamic faith. The crescent moon and stars symbols teach the greatness of their creator Allah and the importance of the Ramadhan which is characterised by the coming of the crescent moon.

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