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Meet The Oldest Man In The World Believed To Be 160 Years. He Can Still Move Around By His Own

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He is frequently referred to as the oldest man alive because it is estimated that he is between 160 and 170 years old. He can still move around on his own, engage in private discussions with himself, and weave elaborate stories that the entire room can hear. But how is it even conceivable? How was it possible for someone to remain healthy and live for so long? He eventually speaks up and shares the key to good health, vigour, and life with everyone.

When he was young, he met the woman of his dreams, and they have been together ever since. The only thing that can now separate them after over a century of marriage is death.

Michael doesn't know what year he was born because nobody kept track of birth years back then. ID cards were something that had never existed before. When one was born, keeping track of the precise month and year of his birth became their only concern. That occurred in the past, before his nation was colonized. He is among the oldest people still alive because no one else his age could read or write.

But because of his strength, he is able to stand up by himself and even sit without assistance. He was allowed to have four wives and 12 children since polygamy was acceptable in his culture at the time. Unfortunately, a number of his children died when they were young. He claims that the world has changed drastically since he was a child because employment didn't exist when he was growing up. Everyone was involved in some sort of agriculture, animal husbandry, or farming because there was no such thing as money and all trade was done through barter. He asserts that he would have preferred to have lived in the past, when people survived on hunting, fishing, and scavenging for food in the forests, despite the fact that the world has become more and more dependent on technological developments.

But eventually, his nation was colonised by Europeans, which resulted in the aforementioned change in the status quo. He worked for them, gathering stones and other rocks, after they gave him resources and a job opportunity. That was his first job after entering the workforce. I quit that job and went to get another one.

Everyone could find a job doing what they enjoyed thanks to the flourishing economy. Today, many people must work jobs they dislike in order to make ends meet, but this wasn't always the case. He asserts that Bukov City was under construction at the time and that it appeared very different because it lacked the massive structures, automobiles, and other contemporary comforts that they have today. It was really an ordinary rural community, to be honest.

The fact that the early white settlers were so vicious that they engaged in battles with monarchs and kingdoms, ultimately resulting in King Kabulungu's demise, is one of the numerous details he can recall. One of the few people who knows the grandfather as well as she does is his second wife. Their first encounter was years ago. They started living together when he travelled to her family's house and gave them the bride fee. They have been living together and joyfully sharing whatever they have. Together, they suffered the loss of their firstborn and the next three children. The enduring love they felt on their first date will still be present between them. They cooperated and helped one another when things got tough.

One of the oldest partnerships in the area is between the two of them, having been a family for more than a century. Over 110 people, including his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren, can be considered his offspring. Nobody is certain, although he may be rather ancient. However, according to the legends he makes up for himself, he is probably just 136 years old at most. His first child died at the age of 96, his second at the age of 81, and his third, who is now at the ripe old age of 81, is still with us. He proposes the hypothesis that humans lived longer before commercial food processing because they had healthier diets.

Additionally, the consumption of drugs that are known to result in torturous, drawn-out deaths has increased. Despite being stronger and smarter than most men his age, he is said to be in his late 90s. There was a time when people thought Grandpa would live to be about 150 years old. He might live to be around 160 or 170 years old if this is the case.


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