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Saturday Morning Prayer That Is Going To Unlock All Doors Of Blessings.

Morning Prayer

Isaiah 43:10

“You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, <br>   “and my servant whom I have chosen, <br> so that you may know and believe me <br>   and understand that I am he. <br> Before me no god was formed, <br>   nor will there be one after me.

Isaiah 43:11

I, even I, am the Lord, <br>   and apart from me there is no savior.

Isaiah 43:12

I have revealed and saved and proclaimed— <br>   I, and not some foreign god among you. <br> You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “that I am God. <br>   


At the time this was written, false gods and prophets were great threats to the Christian God. It needed to be stated that there is no other savior other than Him. Through Him all things came into being, and without Him, nothing would exist. False gods are exactly what it says: false. Believe in the one true God!


My Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Blessed are all those that believe in You, O Lord, for we shall inherit the earth. Cast out the false gods, and I pray that You can touch the hearts of all non-believers. Lord, I ask that You use me to help spread the gospel in any way that I can. Know that I am always here for You Lord, my love and my life. Amen.

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Morning Prayer


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