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A Unique Biblical Incidence Recorded Once In The World.

Word -wide things have happened that human beings can not find it easy to believe if really it is because of nature. I sat down and tried to do my research focusing on various dimensions of life and was really surprised.

Biblically, some incidences have been recorded which upto date, they are not found any more. Trying to figure out this, was asking myself if we are still existing in the world that Moses Existed, Abraham, Job, Jacob, Jonah, and others.

Furthermore, look at the miracles that used to happen those fine days and compare to our current world, where are they?

Examplary, let me give a brief story about Jonah. He was a very great servant of God as it is recorded in the Bible-The book of Jonah. God sent him to go and speak his message to the people of Ninevah, but he he neglected and followed on his own route.

On the way, the journey became too tough until the ship failed to sail when he was thrown into the sea. A fish Swallowed him and took him to the Land of Ninevah for three days.

Could you imagine of that? Fish swallowing a human being! Have not seen this upto date, what about you?

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