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Humphrey Nyongo, Former Mackenzie's Church Follower, Shed Light On What He Went During His Sermons

Mackenzie's followers are missing and suspected to have died mysteriously. Some claimed to have only met Mackenzie once during negotiations to fast in bid to see their maker.

Paul Mackenzie will go in record books as one of the world’s most dangerous cult leader who brainwashed and used religion to kill hundreds, if not thousands of unsuspecting and gullible followers.

Today, Humphrey Nyongo, a former member of Pastor MacKenzie’s Good News International church, shed light on what really went on in these sermons.

He claimed that Pastor McKenzie had a hold over his congregants, instructing them to quit their jobs, skip meals, and not seek medical treatment when sick.

These gullible followers nicknamed him ‘papa’ and they took every word from him as gospel truth -more than Jesus Christ himself was believed. He prophesized doom in the name of heaven and the heaven itself is a forest of mass graves.

As a man of faith, Pastor Makenzi believed that every human being deserved to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances. He felt that the poor quality of the food was a reflection of the lack of care and concern that the authorities had for the inmates.

The Times has been able to get to the detailed operations of the rogue pastor and how he was able to lead a cult group without the authorities sensing any danger.

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