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Toboa; Popular Blogger Exposes The Alleged Cultism Thing Being Practiced By People In The World

Everyone in this world has his or her own way of being religious. We all believe in different things, maybe we've Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduism, paganism, traditionalists and many more. Following this story we have a certain exposure made by one of the top celebrities. The guy goes by the name Xtian Dela a Kenyan blogger and aspiring to join politics in 2022. The story was also reposted by Edgar Obare a top blogger too. 

So in his Instagram stories Dela made a move to expose how many people practice cultism. According to confessions made by several fans, it's said that cultism is real and people have to give blood sacrifices for it to work. In one of the posts, a popular women's health care organization is said to be associated with Satanism. This is Mariestopes a very big international center which gives pregnant women a better care and assists them to carry out safe abortions. Unfortunately it's sad that these babies are not thrown away or burnt instead they're eaten. The claim reveals that the gays and lesbians are the main suspects. The food they eat contains human organs and blood offered to their gods. 

Here are screenshots of more revelations about the satanic cults and rituals performed by people in the world. You can get the whole story on Instagram page stories. 

From the above confessions I think it's time to turn to God and repent. The internet will tell you things that are in your favour but the sad truth is that we're sinners. So make a point of being Godly, it's better we face the sad truth than letting it be masked forever. 

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