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Key Reasons Why Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the last Sunday in lent and the Sunday before Easter. It's the beginning of the Holy week, the most important week of the year for Christians. In this day they celebrate Jesus Christ's triumphant entry to Jerusalem by use of Palm branches to honor him as the King and the Messiah. Some of the key reasons why they celebrate Palm Sunday include,

1. Jesus was setting his crucification in motion.

His triumphant entry to Jerusalem was the first time he allowed people to praise him as the King and the Messiah, remember Jesus had forbidden them to praise him during his ministry before, because his time had not yet arrived. In allowing his followers to praise him, he was inviting the wrath of both the Jewish and Roman leaders among himself. He was not being pushed around by the principalities and powers.He was coming to save us as Prophet Zachariah prophesied.

2. Jesus was Marching to his death.

Jesus was not merely riding into the City of Jerusalem, but riding towards his death on the cross, Jesus knew that by the end of the week, he would be humiliated, beaten, betrayed and crucified, but the thought of his torturous death was not the most grueling image he would have foreseen. It would have been thoughts of that final moment when he would die because of our sins as his Father (Lord) told him, whom he obeyed.

Also remember this Palm Sunday opens the events that Jesus went through from being betrayed by his disciples, humiliated and beaten by the authorities, crucified on the cross, buried at the tomb, and his resurrection on the third day, which also Easter Monday where Christians Celebrate his resurrection.

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