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My Pastor Would Tell His Wife He Was Going For A Seminar And Come In My House To Sleep With Me- Jane

Jane Wanjiru from Nakuru revealed how her pastor would lie to his wife that he was going to attend a seminar for a few days then go to her house and all he could do was sleep with her.

She was born and brought up in Nakuru. After completing her primary level, she was employed as a house helper in Nairobi. According to her the madam was a business lady and could leave home early in the morning.

Her boss was a pastor and would spend most of the time in the house. After one year the pastor started touching her Inappropriately whenever he could find her washing dishes or mopping the house.

One day he found her cleaning his bedroom and pushed her onto their bed and forcefully slept with her. He later gave her 3k and asked her not to tell anybody. He continued sleeping with her and giving her money.

When she fell pregnant with him. He took her to a different town where he rented her a house. He could tell his wife he was going to Seminar but would go to her house for two or three days and all he could do was sleep with her.

He was taking care of her until she delivered. She later conceived her secondborn with the pastor. A few months after delivering, she caught the pastor with her best friend in bed. He later disappeared and has never set an eye on him since then.


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Jane Wanjiru Nairobi Nakuru


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