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Colours Used in the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church and Their Meaning

The Roman Catholic church has a special type of clothes worn by their clergy and those that are used during the liturgical celebration. They are referred to as vestiments and are found in four different colors. These colors include; Green, red, white, and purple.

However, these colors have their significance in the church as they are used during the different seasons in the church. Three seasons in the Roman Catholic Church liturgical calendar are celebrated in the three cycles. These seasons include ordinary time, advent, and Lent.

During the ordinary time in the church calendar, green color is used to signify hope and prosperity. It also symbolizes perseverance and continued listening to the voice of God. The red color used during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist symbolizes the shedding of blood during the passion of Christ and the blood of martyrs. It is used during Good Friday and the liturgical memorial of Saints who are martyrs and recognized by the Church.

Moreover, white color is used during Feast days of Easter and other joyous celebrations. It symbolizes joy and purity resulting from faith. It also signifies the resurrection. Finally, the purple color signifies penance, waiting, and mourning. It is used during lent, advent, and celebration of the sacrament of penance. It is also used by the minister officiating the burial rite and mass for the dead.

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