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Do They Worship God? Powerful Bible Verse Written On Entrance Wall of The Freemasons Hall in Nairobi

For the past few days, Freemasonry has been one of the hottest topics in Kenya, both on mainstream media and on social media.

It all started when Freemasonry member Ambrose Rachier came out and openly talked about the 'most feared' secret society in Kenya.

While many Kenyans believed that Freemasonry is related to devil worshipping and such rituals, Ambrose noted that their group has nothing to do with devil worshipping and such.

Ambrose who has been in the group for at least 30 years also cleared the air over the popular narrative that one has to sacrifice a relative to join the group

According to him, one can only join the group upon invitation by an existing member. The newcomer is then subjected to interviews before being accepted.

More interestingly, it has been established that Freemasons buildings have written scriptures on them.

For instance, the Freemason building in Nairobi has a bible verse, that talks about God telling King David that it was his son, King Solomon who was to build him a house and not King David

"God said of king Solomon, he shall build me a house and I will establish his throne forever," read the scripture on the wall.

When you read the Bible from the Book of 1 Chronicles 17:12, the holy book talks about the same thing written on Freemason's wall, Nairobi.

Do they worship God?

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