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"Ndio Maana Wana Wafuasi Wengi" Bomet Pastor Attacks Preachers As He Says This About Their Miracles

Pastor Gilbert Mutai of Kingdom Aflame Ministry in Bomet has come out to attack men of cloth who lie to vulnerable and desperate Kenyans. He said this on his post on Facebook while seemingly disappointed with the men of God.


"I've tried for many years to point us to truth.. reality..but truth doesn't sell.. that's why 12 years later..deception and nonsense sells very fast. This is why they have million of followers," he said.


Pastor Gilbert said that God called him to raise leaders and not followers, that's why he is contended with his online followers. He added that they don't need to be in millions, Jesus had 12 disciples and one of them was a thief.

He launched his attacks on Kenyan influencers saying that they lie using sickness to get money from desperate Kenyans. He exclaimed the absurdity adding that the same influencers will fake sickness to market a hospital.

He asked them that they should just market the hospital without asking for help from their followers yet they are not sick in the first place.

Pastor Gilbert seemed to have been a victim of such miracles. He mentioned those who fake cancer and claimed he contributed to them because big names in the mainstream media were involved.

Gilbert also said there are those who fake domestic issues then ask Kenyans to watch more on YouTube and in the end earn money from viewership and ads.

He also mentioned ladies who go naked on TikTok and Instagram in the name of earning. Pastor Gilbert has urged Kenyans to continue praying that there might be light. He added that Kenyans have been duped by the charisma of church leaders. He said God is exposing those already in the ministry and the 'marketplace.'

He said Kenyans will not belief when they learn about the preachers' wickedness, deception, manipulation and control.

Content created and supplied by: HabariMotoMoto (via Opera News )

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