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Pastor Ezekiel Comes In Defence Of LGBTQ Members Saying They Should Not Be Judged But Shown Love

Pastor Ezekiel of new life Church is a well renown Kenyans pastor who always stand his ground to defend what he believes in. Few days ago supreme court of Kenya allowed LGBTQ members to form an organization which raised mixed reactions from kenyans, leaders and the church.

Pastor Ezekiel has come out talking about the matter defending LGBTQ members from Kenyans judgment and trolls saying they should not be judged and trolled but rather they should be shown love. He has asked parents before condemning them they must first view them as their son or daughter and from that perspective they will know they are not supposed to be judged but loved and shown the way they should follow.

He said through Judging them they will start doing it in private and tomorrow their son or daughter will be recruited and they will never know. He has therefore asked Kenyans to reject it but not to attack them but rather show them the right way to live in accordance to God's will and pray against the altar of homosexuality.

He added that he has been with them in his church, talked with them and stayed with them and he realized they don't do that out of their own will but it is a spirit which forces them to do it. He has asked the church not to send them away from church but instead move them close to God and pray for them. Watch the video below.

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