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Three gods Who Died And Resurrected Like Jesus Christ

Many gods have been said to have died and then come back to life in stories, according to HPL magazine. Others hold the belief that their religious leaders died and were raised, despite the fact that these traditions are not as well-known as the biblical account of Jesus. It is not a clone of the more well-known religion because some of these traditions are significantly older than the story of Jesus' death.

1. Osiris

The myth of Osiris in Egypt has several different iterations, but they all center on his youthful death and rebirth. On his journey to becoming a god, Osiris experienced at least two resurrections and at least two deaths. He was not born a god, although he was divine in some aspects. Osiris once was thrown into the Nile by enraged rivals who were trying to kill him. Isis, his sister and wife, found the body and revived the man using magic. However, Osiris died once more shortly after. His body was torn apart and scattered over the world this time. To properly bury them, Isis collected the pieces and put them back together.

By raising Osiris from the dead and promoting him to a higher position, the other gods thanked Osiris for his devotion.

2. Quetzalcoatl

Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl was worshiped by a wide range of people. In most artwork, he appears as a snake with feathers. He was granted this horrible appearance in place of his earlier unattractive and pock-marked features. When he was drunk, he once gave the order to have his sister brought to him, after which he had adulterous encounters with her.

He felt ashamed of his deeds upon regaining consciousness, so he had himself put in a tomb and floated down a river. He stopped near a river, gathered his possessions into a pyre, and lit himself ablaze. His heart became the Morning Star, and his ashes became birds in the sky. He came back from heaven after four days in the underworld.

3. Lemminkainen

Lemminkainen is a hero in Finnish mythology who embarks on a quest to capture one of the underworld's black swans from the river of the dead. In the process, he perishes, and his body is lost at sea. His body was crushed against the rocks at the bottom, leaving his remains scattered. He was located by Lemminkainen's mother, who then gathered all of his physical parts and sewn them together. She sent a bee to get some of the gods' honey, which worked perfectly, despite the fact that this did not bring her son back to life.

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