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Meaning of Symbols Inscribed on the Vestiments of the Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church has many symbols inscribed in sacred vessels, liturgical garments, vestments, and sacred buildings. These symbols have hidden meanings that every Catholic Christian ought to understand.

However, some of these symbols are written in Greek and it becomes difficult for any layperson to know what it means unless they are explained properly. We have the letters IHS inscribed on the sacred vestments used by the priest or any ordained minister during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The IHS is the short form of a Greek word that means Jesus.

The IHS and chi-Rho used in sacred vessels, tombs, churches, and vestments, are represented by the letters P and X. These two letters are the first Greek letters of the word Jesus. X means 'CH' while P means 'Rho' which equals 'R'. These letters are inscribed in the sacred line especially the vestments worn by a priest during mass.

Similarly, the alpha and omega symbols often seen in sacred vessels refer to the first and the last as seen in the book of Revelation 22: 13, where Christ is referring to himself as the first and the last. This means that Christ is the beginning and end of creation.

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