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"Birds of Doom" Here Are Five Birds Thought To Be Bad Omen Don't Ignore If You See Them At Your Home


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Ravens are birds that were said to bring bad luck and doom. Many cultures had different views on ravens, but all of them agreed they carried something negative with them.

Some tribes thought the black color meant they carried sorrow and death, while in others, it was believed that when a raven came into contact with someone or something then that person would be cursed for seven years. Ravens are also thought to symbolize Satanism because of their dark colors.


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Crows are known to bring bad luck, but the superstition has a surprising origin. In Greek mythology, a crow served as the herald of death and was associated with rituals for cleansing from sin after death. In Northern cultures, crows were thought to be animals that could see into the future or souls of people who had been lost at sea. 

There are many superstitions about crows. For example, it is said that if a crow crosses your path, you will have bad luck for the rest of the day. If one lands on your shoulder, it means someone close to you will die soon. Some people believe they bring death and misfortune in general. 


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Magpies are often seen as bad luck in many cultures. This is because they are often viewed as evil, or that they cause death and destruction.

It was believed that if a person saw one, it would mean their death soon after. They also associated them with ghosts. Another belief is that the sound of a magpie’s call sounds like “many sorrows” and so it symbolizes death.


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Owls are often seen as bad luck because they represent death and a dark future. They have been associated with evil omens in various cultures, but what is the truth behind these myths? In some cultures, it was believed that an owl would attack humans who were not buried properly.

In Europe , owls were thought to be witches familiars. In modern times, some people also believe that the daytime appearance of an owl signifies impending death in the family; while others believe that if you see an owl outside your window at night or daytime, it is a sign of bad luck.


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Vultures are typically seen as symbols of death in many cultures. Many South African tribes also believe that vultures are bad luck, specifically because they eat rotting flesh, and so they associate them with death.

There is a legend among some Native American tribes which states that if a human sees a single vulture flying overhead, it means someone will die soon.

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