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Is Speaking in Tongues Real or Just a Way to Sway Believers?

Many at times you've been to church or have been passing somewhere close to a Pentecostal church, then you hear worshipers, especially leaders speaking in strange languages. The strange language is know to Christians as Speaking in Tongues and it is one of Biblical Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Speaking in Tongues began in Jerusalem when the Holy Spirit first ascended in form of fire on the heads of each disciplines of Jesus on the day of Pentecost. However, Speaking in Tongues seems to have been manipulated by many worship leaders to sway believers. However much it is never easy to tell whether someone is genuinely speaking in tongues or faking, there are some incidences that are surely meant to deceive the congregants.

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The first letter of Apostle Paul to the Corinthians makes clear the idea of the gift of speaking in tongues. Paul says that anyone speaking in tongues speaks to God and their words are never meant for the congregants. But many spiritual leaders have taken advantage of this quote from 1st Corinthians 14: 2. Some preachers, spiritual leaders and worshipers will just come up with words from nowhere then claim to be speaking in tongues. They usually do this to either appear deep in their spiritual world or just to please a section of believers who would be swayed by the ability to speak in tongues. Here is a quote from the letter of Paul to the Corinthians about Speaking in Tongues.

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According to Paul, before you consider speaking in tongues, you should think of whom you want to uplift, yourself or the church? As Paul goes on to explain, I believe if you have to speak in tongues then you do it in presence of someone who can interpret your tongues. Because it would be in vain if you are speaking it out of pride and to the people rather than to God. Have a look at 1 Corinthians 14: 5

Personally, I think constantly speaking in tongues in the church and never interpreting them to the congregants is useless. Here is another screenshot, a continuation of Paul's teachings to the Corinthians that will help you decide whether speaking in tongues is ideal for the modern church even if there is no one to interpret them or people are just speaking it to appear more spiritually refined and to sway congregants.

What do you think of Speaking in Tongues in Pentecostal Churches?

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