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Why Some Christians Resolve To Witchcraft

Sundays are spent in church by majority of Christians but the other week days involves travelling to meet the magicians or those with powers to deal with situations not using the power of God.While the Bible preaches about forgiveness, witchcraft or black magic is hell bent on revenge. The magicians use different methods like invoking the dead spirits to get answers to various problems. Talisman are used for protection and other 'weird' stuffs like bones,herbal concotions among other things that serve different purposes.

Majority of Christians find quick answers to their problems. The magicians will tell of who caused the accident and for which reason.This is what people want to hear and pinpoint it to their enemies even despite the problem being overspeeding or failure of breaks.Their human mind works to blame someone for a certain tragedy in life and they can never be convinced otherwise.

Another reason is people have lost faith in churches.Churches have been turned to businesses where you pay to receive services. Prayers are no longer free and so they would rather pay those not working for God and still get answers.

Testimonies from the magicians have increased to a high rate.People will talk of the immediate miracle from the places they visited .This picques the interest of many and their curiosity has to be fed by visiting them too.The magician or witchdoctors are growing rich each day as people are seeking solutions about politics, businesses, education,family issues, sicknesses just to mention a few.The victims are always willing to pay any amount as long as they get it done.At this rates, where do Christians stand in this?

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