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Pastor Ng'ang'a says As He declares He's Among The Richest

I don't understand why most christians believe it's not right for priests and pastors to have possessions. To an extent of associating wealth with satanism and poverty with Godliness. I believe the God we serve isn't poor and didn't create us to suffer, and if you work hard in whatever thing you are doing and dedicate your work to him, He will reward you handsomely. God did not create us to suffer.

In as much as people criticize this man of God,in the school of this life on earth ,he has excelled.

His testimonies reveal resilience in him. Here's one of his latest testimonials:

"I am among those preachers who drive good vehicles in Kenya," Pastor Nganga proudly says. Nganga added that he has gone through tough times in the past.

"I am in top 10. Suti nzuri, viatu vizuri, kisirani. Ukitaka kisirani, nakupata tu mimi, lakini angalia nimepitia mkokoteni. Angalia watu wakinicheka, angalia magazeti. Angalia mlienda nyumbani mimi niko Jerusalem; 100 acres, solar na maji. Ukiona vita, usisahau uvumilivu na imani."

"Nimewahi kufukuzwa kwa nyumba kwa sababu sikuwa nimelipa rent. Baadaye mtu mmoja akatumana akasema niende nikae kwa nyumba yake kwa miezi mitatu. Saa hii kuwa watu wamelala wa nyumba zangu. Mimi ni landlord," he added.

A brief translation: Ng'ang'a was at one time chased out of a house for not paying his rent. He was housed for three months by a well wisher. He is now a landlord.

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Kenya Ng'ang'a Nganga


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