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Do You Still Give Your Tithes to Street Preachers?

If you are a resident of Nairobi or any other major town in Kenya then you should be well aware of who Street Preachers are. However, the question is are they genuine or preaching to them is just a source of income? Do people still believe in them? Do you still give them your tithes? This also implies to preachers who do their job in Public transport vehicles:

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There is a time a boarded a Matatu with a preacher to Githurai. I swear, I almost gave my life to Christ because the way he was preaching, I thought I had finally met the truest messenger of God. But when he said after preaching and I quote "Men of God, the work we are doing is not an easy one, usually need some support to help us continue spreading the word of God" I found myself thinking differently about the preacher.

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I mean some of these Street Preachers have a good mastery of the Bible that would easily make you want to seek the Kingdom of God. The problem is you have no idea whether you are seeking the kingdom of God through a conman or a genuine man of God. While it is true that preachers and evangelists need believers' support to continue their work, it is also true that many have taken advantage of the considerations and generosity shown to them by the believers.

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However, I'd suggest is you are in a position to give, especially when their messages have touched you, then go ahead and give. Though some of these preachers at times go far, to an extent of spitting curses on those who haven't given their tithes. I also don't think Preaching to get money is considered illegal by the law, so, if you can go out there, preach your mind out, then ask for voluntary tithes, then go ahead. The problem is, the rise in number of false prophets and pastors has limited the trust people have on these street Preachers. Many people no longer give their offerings.

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