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What Are The Character Traits Of A Prosperity Teacher?

Hi everyone once again today in our Article we are going to discuss some of the traits to look out in order to identify a prosperity Teacher, whether is in the Church or even outside of the Church for we live in the days where deception has found itself in the society.

Firstly a prosperity teacher does not preach on sin but sugar coats the gospel. as we know that he/she will not dwell on the subject of sin and the need for repentance. for he knows if he does this he will lose people due to the strength of the Gospel. Secondly another Trait of a Prosperity teacher is that he/she only dwells with teachings concerning money and wealth Aquisition and neglect what Christ taught on us seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness. Thirdly another trait to watch out for in a prosperity teacher is he/she does not preach on the need for believers to live holy lives, instead they are much concerned with what they get in terms of offerings, tithes, and many other sacrifices.

Fourthly another trait that a prosperity Teacher exhibits is that he/she is only preaching the word of faith. in this kind of teaching. a prosperity teacher, believes that God does not wan any believer to be poor. so they command God to give them riches. and prosperity in Life but what they forget is that our Lord never even had a place to lay his head.

In conclusion it is good to identify such kind of traits in the prosperity teachers, for many of them have not known the ways of God well, and hence they are tickling the believers ears, at the expense of their souls. for Christ said what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and after that Loses his soul. therefore let us be careful and avoid such preachers at all costs. if you have found this Article educative please consider following me and also if you have, any comments or concerns please share it down in the comment section.

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