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Today's WORD: Nothing Is Impossible Before God.

Because you got a double dose of trouble and more than your share of contempt, your inheritance in the land will be doubled and your joy go on forever, (Isaiah 61:7).


You may be in a challenging time that has left you feeling weak, worn out and tired. It feels as though something’s been taken out of you that can’t be replaced. You’ve lost the spring in your step. Get ready, for God is about to breathe new life into your spirit. He’s going to renew your strength and renew your youth like an eagle’s. What that challenge took out, God is about to put back in health, vitality, freshness, passion. He’s going to bring new opportunities, good breaks, the right people, and favor that catapults you ahead. He’s not going to just bring you out. He’s going to bring you out with double.

When you come into double, nobody will know that business partner cheated you, nobody will know you had an unfair childhood, nobody will know you went through that illness. You’re going to be so blessed, so healthy, so strong, so favored that nobody will know what you’ve been through. That’s the way God restores. He’s going to bring you out better.

A Prayer for Today.

“Father, thank You that You never leave me stuck in my troubles, and You always work to bring about my restoration. Thank You for Your promise that You are going to make up for it in such an above-and-beyond way. I receive Your double blessing and the joy that goes on forever. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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