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How Did Biblical Judas Die? Do These 2 Bible Verses offer 2 Contradicting Accounts

Bible is widely known to be the infallible word of God, through which believers can faithfully communicate their needs with the almighty.

But the bible has also been criticized by skeptics, who often accuse Christians of failing to identify the obvious contradictions in the scripture.

One such incident concerns the account of how biblical Judas died. Evangelist Luke says that Judas fell headlong, busting his stomach, and as a result, his intestines spilled out. This contradicts Mathew's narration that Judas hung himself. Let's check these verses.

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The above verses yield yet another contradiction. Who purchased the land? Judas according to Luke or chief priests as Mathew notes.

Do these verses refute the commonly held belief that the Holy Bible is without errors?

Is there a way we can knit these 2 accounts into one?

I. Howard Marshall, a Scottish New Testament Scholar's solution is currently regarded as the best.

But can someone who hung himself fall and have his stomach burst open? The Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology has an answer for that.

The explanation, therefore, supports Marshall's argument.

Or let's take the simplest explanation. If you happened to have studied the holy book in detail, you may have noticed that Mathew and Luke had completely different professions.

Mathew was a tax collector; and so he was seemingly more concerned with the law and financial details of Judas. He is the only scholar that specifies the amount(30 pieces of silver) Judas was paid to betray Jesus.

On the other side, Luke was a physician and as a result, he seems to have concentrated more on autopsy—That is, the dead body of Judas.

In conclusion, the 2 accounts do not contradict each other. They instead complement one another; and they do not demean the holiness of the bible as some skeptics have argued.

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