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"I Was Married To A 56years Old Man When I Was 15years, My Akurino Bishop Said God Has Spoken;Wambui

Hannah wambui from Kiambu has narrated how she got married at the age of 15years to a 56years man after her akorino bishop said that God has spoken that she is his wife,by then she was still naive and innocent girl.

According to Hannah she schooled up to class eight and refused to go to secondary school,she says that most of the time she was staying at her uncle's place because she was not getting along with her mother.

While there she had friends who were attending Akorino church and so she joined them and was given a turban,after a while she started going for the bible study so as to understand the rules and regulations of the church.

One day as she was in the church her bishop said that God had Spoken to her and she was going to be a wife of an old man who was a member of that church and had not married,she went home and told her uncle what the bishop had said but he refused.

After the bishop and that man went to her parents home they agreed that he should marry her and that how she became a wife to a 56 years old man at the ag of 15.Hannah says that she used to play hide and seek with the kids of her husband sisters and brothers.

It reach a point where this man started to beat her and that when she ran away at the age of 17years and went to Nairobi to work as a house girl,she has urged people to be aware of fake bishops and men of God pretending that God is speaking to them for you to do what they want.

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