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Pastor From Hell: A Pastor Was Arrested For Defiling And Impregnating 16-Year-Old Epileptic Girl

The clergy is respected for holding an important mandate of leading people on matters religion. Just by the mention of the name pastor or religious leaders, people perceive you with lots of respect.

And it has been so from old days where priest in the bible were respectable as people who brought people close to God. Even in the traditional african cultures, the religious leaders were treated with respect and in some regions, they led the whole community.

But sadly nowadays, some pastors and men of the cloth have tainted the name of the clergy.

We have heard cases of pastors who have requested for a fee inorder to pray for someone, as though Christ said He needs payment so as to answer prayers.

We have also heard other pastors who have been performing fake miracles in a bid to attract a large number of followers to their church.

In yet other saddening cases, we heard pastors reported to have engaged in sexual relations with their congregants.

In the most current similar case, a pastor was arrested after he slept with and epileptic girl and ended up impregnating her.

It is reported that the pastor had promised the parents of the girl that he would pray for her to get cured of her disease. Sadly, he took advantage of the trust bestowed to him by the parents and he went ahead to sleep with the sick girl who is also a minor at only 16 years.

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