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Here is how to connect with your guardian angel.

Guardian angel is a spirit believed to watch and protect every individual and animals on earth. They are always in your surrounding to help, guide and assist you through all sort of circumstances in your life. The following is a guide that I read from certain website and I applied. It worked perfectly for me.

To see guardian angel, you need to summon him to witness his presence. To summon, you need to make a prayer with good intentions and pure heart.

Start by relaxing your brain and mind. Do not think about anything. Peace of mind is the most important factor for any successful connection with angels. Place your total focus on your prayer.

Once you feel your concentration has reached maximum limit, close your eyes andmake your prayer. It should look like the following.

"Oh My Guardian Angel, I invite you to connect with me, to help, guide and assist me in my life.

I require your assistance to ease my mind, and seek you in love and light, so that my life may be lit up with positive vibrational frequencies. I am seeking your refuge and help now, hoping you will shower me with your love and light."

Once you make the prayer, you will feel as if your surrounding environment is filled with light. You will feel your heart being lit up and the light spreading from inside your heart to the rest of the body. It would be as if you are breathing on your guardian angel's light.

This is a way to speak to your spirit Guardian. Feel connected with your angel by feeling the light he radiates. Angels don't understand human language, but only recognize your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, I advice you to assume the feeling of appreciation.

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