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Things you should do in order to live happily

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1.Do not stress yourself.

There are people you should not stress yourself about. They don't deserve to be an issue in your life.

2. Never invest too much emotion.

If you invest too much emotions on one thing,you will end up hurting yourself.

3. Learn to live life without worries.

Leave everything in God's hands . God will take care of everything. Just trust and have faith.

4. Learn to mind your business.

Do not get involved in people's businesses that does not concern you at all. Some other people's businesses will just stress you but it'll be good if you focus on yourself.

5. Live according to your means.

Do not go around trying to compare your life with other people. There are always people who are doing much better than you and others who are doing less Bette than you.

You should just understand it is life and cope with it. And live on your means and comfort.

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