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Strong Psalms Verse You Should Say Before Going To Bed Every night

Various channels exist through which human beings can reach the Supreme Being. People of faith are encouraged to pray for things like forgiveness, thanksgiving, protection, and guidance in times of difficulty. Believers are commanded to pray at various times, including when they wake up, before sleep, and while eating and drinking. The purpose of this article is to highlight two psalms that every Christian should read before retiring for the night.

Psalm 27

You alone, O LORD, are my source of light and salvation. To whom should I be apprehensive? If the Lord wants me to live, he will keep me alive, so I have nothing to worry about. I am vulnerable to harm from others. A possible outcome is that they will attempt murder. Those who wish me harm will try to kill me, but they will be unsuccessful. I don't care if an army is surrounding me. Although I am under attack on the battlefield, my faith in Jehovah remains unshaken. I have one question for God. Ultimately, I want to spend eternity in the Lord's kingdom, basking in his splendor. When I'm in peril, he'll be there to save me. I feel safe in his tent. When I follow him, I'll know I'm safe.

Psalm 91

Assurance is the theme of this psalm. EveryEveryoneclaims to be a believer ought to make it our daily mission to proclaim this. We need God's protection from many threats, including illness, accidents, and more. This is a paraphrase of the psalm.

The safety of a more extensive line will protect your anonymity. Trust in the Lord, for He is strong and able to save. I muttered to the Lord, "You are my refuge, my fortress, my God." You can trust that God will protect you from dangers you can't see. Try to get under his wing. He will guard you like a mother hen protects her young. You can rely on him to keep you safe from harm. You need not worry about the enemy shooting arrows at you either during the day or at night. Diseases that come in the night will no longer frighten you, nor will the terrible pains that appear during the day.

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