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The Second Oldest Man In The Bible Who Came Close To Breaking Methuselah's Record

Jared the son of Mahalalel is the second person in the bible to live more years, according to the bible Jared lived 962 years, he comes second after Methuselah. While Methuselah is regarded as the oldest man to ever live on earth after he died at the age of 969 years, Jared also lived more years.

Jared is the grandfather of Methuselah, according to the book of Genesis 5:18-20, Jared bore Enoch and Enoch bore Methuselah. Meanwhile Methuselah too had three children with him before he died. The bible Jared who lived 962 years appears in the sixth generation of Adam and Eve.

The bible doesn't give much narrative of Jared, it only gives the genealogy of Adam, and that's where Jared, Enoch and Methuselah come in. Despite being in the lineage of Adam, Jared appears in Seth's lineage, Seth the third son of Adam who was born after the death of Abel. Jared lived 5 years less as Methuselah.

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