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5 Mistakes You Always Make During Your Prayers That Lead To Unanswered Prayer And How To Amend

The ultimate goal and hope of every prayer that we make is so that it will be answered. Even if the answer delays, we derive satisfaction in the answered prayer. So until a prayer is answered, we are always in an anticipation phase that is marked by constant prayer and trust in God so that He would respond. If the prayers are not answered, we tend to think that either it's not yet time or God hasn't heard our prayer. Both could be true but it's safer and better to operate at a point of understanding rather than shadow boxing and trying our luck in prayers.

The secret behind answered prayer

What does it take for prayer to be answered? There are several things which include, faith in God, believing in the prayer we have made, praying in Jesus name, praying persistently, being pure and praying according to the will of God. All the listed elements are important during prayer and when incorporated one is guaranteed of answered prayer.

Where you go wrong

If your prayers are not being answered, there is a possibility that you are not observing either of the listed aspects above. During prayer, the following mistakes can cost a person answers to their prayer:

1. Praying for selfish reasons

This can also be termed as praying with the wrong intentions. James 4:3 says that we ask God and do not receive because we ask with the wrong motives, to spend whatever we get on our own pleasures.

The remedy: Pray with the right motives. To benefit others and God and not for selfish reasons.

2. You are easily distracted during prayers

During prayer, you are supposed to focus on God. Any time you focus on anything else, you are easily distracted and your attention is divided. You may be distracted by other people, your phones or your television. Sometimes you may even be distracted by your thoughts. This tends to limit the impact of your prayers hence you may not get your prayers answered. It therefore calls for personal discipline and putting every thought to submit to the authority of Christ.

The remedy: Purpose to ignore every form of distraction. Preferrably pray during the early morning hours when there is minimal distraction. Closing your eyes when praying can also be a good way out.

3. You doubt your prayers

Most people pray yet they never even believe if their prayers will have an impact. Therefore, they keep praying but because of their doubt, their prayers are never answered. The Bible puts it clear that we ask God for anything in prayer and we believed that we have received, then we will receive indeed.

The remedy: Pray and believe in your prayers as well as the God who answers prayer. Read the word of God in order to grow spiritually.

4. You don't make mention of God's word

God says that He has exalted His word above His name. God actually honours His word. Therefore any time we remind God concerning His word, He is moved to act. However much we pray, if we don't make mention of God's word and what He says concerning certain circumstances, then we may never get positive results. God is not moved by the multitude of words.

Remedy: Mention the word of God concerning the situations you encounter. There is power in the word of God.

5. You are never concerned about God's will

Before his arrest and crucifixion, Jesus Christ understood the will of God. Although he was praying that God would save Him, He still recognized that above all the will of God had to be done (Matthew 26:39). This is why He willingly yielded to God's will. However, most people pray and force God to act the way the want rather than how God wants.

The solution is to recognize the sovereignty of God and accept the will of God to be done over that particular situation.

Where do you think you have been going wrong?

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