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11 Minutes In Heaven: Woman Dies And Comes Back To Life

Many people don't believe that heaven exists.They take it as a joke, for Charity her experience reveals that heaven is real.

Charity narrates that she had gone for a normal check-up in the hospital but suddenly her blood pressure started rising.The doctors tried to stabilize her but it was becoming impossible.

Her doctor says that she suddenly started talking about flowers yet there was no flowers in the room and that's when he realized Charity was losing it.However in her death bed she could see the medics surrounding her from afar.After afew minutes her breathing completely stopped,and her spirit went up to heaven.

She says in heaven,everything was so glorious and all were in worship for the Lord.She also met her deceased family members in their new forms.Behind her family was a toddler and she asked who he was and God told her it was her son who she miscarriaged at 5months.

God also showed her around including hell.He told her that those who lived life the way they wanted not bothering to keep his commands would eventually reside in hell.Hell was full of groanings,shouts and cries.

Charity was also commanded to come back and continue preaching the Good News.Also she would encourage people to repent and accept God as their Christ and Saviour.

Immediately,her spirit was taken back to the body and she woke up.After afew days she was discharged and to date she is still sharing her story to the world.

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Charity Good News.Also


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