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GNCA Church Members Denounce Archbishop Over Alleged Tithe Embezzlement

GNCA Archbishop Raphael Kituva during a past event

In what seems to be a fight for the Tithe box key between the shepherd and his ninety nine sheep,Good News Church of Africa followers from Kisayani,Kibwezi West Makueni county ,have denounced Archbishop Raphael kituva who heads all GNCA churches in Kenya over alleged mismanagement of church funds.

Speaking to members of press after a lengthy consultative meeting held at kisayani GNCA which was attended by faithfuls from different counties and led by Rev peter mwangangi, the aggrieved members accused the archbishop for squandering 127 million ,funds fraudulently withdrawn from the main church savings account without approval by the Church executive.

"We were shocked to learn that our trusted man of cloth had milked the Church dry for the last three years he has been in office,unable to table any substantial expenditure records of the said funds when questioned", said Mr. Mwangangi.

He also accused the archbishop of amending the Church constitution which saw him ascent from Bishop to Archbishop in a span of three years contrary to the set period of five years.

"He changed the mode and our normal style of worship,came up with new guidelines including gowns which we are uncomfortable with",said the church council chairman William Mutunga, .

The members unanimously demanded immediate exit from office of Mr.Kituva who took charge in 2017.

In his defense ,the archbishop trashed the allegations citing malice from the aggrieved members.

"Their opinion is null and void I am the legit archbishop of all GNCA churches across the country duly elected. I have never misused any funds neither did i change the church constitution.Those complaining are losers who want to use the church to make money ", said Kituva.

The aggrieved members so far have moved to court to seek for justice at Mutomo law Courts case pending.

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