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How To Ask God To Give Me Enough Strength And Grace To secure Enough Miracles In This Season

The people of old were willing to walk miles to go an extra mile because they needed Jesus. Christians of today are so lazy that they don't want to do anything to connect with the mercy and help that comes from God.

Even having faith, you can't have faith, you cannot even pray let alone fast, you are not doing anything that is going to connect you with mercy and compassion.

We need believers that are willing to go an extra mile seeking God until they find Him, not weak and lazy believers, these are not the kind of believers that will receive mighty miracles from the Lord in this season.

Father, give me enough strength and grace to secure enough in this season, until I find you, give me enough grace to seek you with passion.

With seriousness, focus, and determination until I find you because I know when I seek you, I will find you. Lord the grace and strength to seek you with the whole of my heart, to seek you for hours, for days until I find you, Lord gives me such grace and strength.

The grace to pray until miracles happen, the grace to persist in prayer, to persist in Bible study and fasting until I encounter you, Lord, put that grace upon me, put such strength upon me. I refuse to be a lazy Christian. 


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