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Why Muslims Use Water To Clean Themselves After Using The Washroom

Indians asked if they would ever use toilet paper and answers are hilarious

•In Sunni Islam, it states that the left hand should be used for cleaning the behind area after a long call.

•It is not recommended to clean your private area with your right hand.

•According to Islamic law, the lota is held in the right hand while the left-hand assists in pouring water over the behind area.

•Islam places a lot of importance on personal hygiene.

•Before praying, Muslims must thoroughly wash with water.

•The Prophet Muhammad teaches that cleanliness is the basis of religion.

•To maintain the body clean, one must properly wash their private area with water after using the restroom.

•He added, "Allah adores people who maintain themselves clean and pure," quoting the Holy Quran (9:108).

•Another Islam saying suggests that you should pray after using the restroom and exit with your right foot, saying.

•Islam states that cleanliness is important at all times, especially before doing prayers since it teaches that the condition of the body influences the condition of the soul.

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