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I Slept With A Church Lady Who Was A Single Mother After She Invited Me To Anoint Her House- Pastor

pastor Peter K from Kiambu has confessed that he slept with an old lady who was a church member and a single mother after she invited him to anoint her house.

According to him, his parents raised him in the church serving God through preaching to his fellow youths until when he was 22 years and he started his church while still a youth and didn't have a family.

His church gained followers but at the moment he was not able to buy enough chairs and church instruments to spread the gospel. After two years a lady visited the church and she decided to become a church member,she offered to buy church instruments and more chairs.

He was very happy and thanked God for answering his prayers, he says that as he continued to preach many people joined the church and it became a big church. He says that the lady used to offer an offering of 50k every end of the month.

Pastor says that the lady started to invite him in her house but he would go with church decons who were older that him and she would cook for them.

One Sunday she sent him a message telling him that she wanted him to go and anoint her house and pray for her but this time round she told him to go alone.After he went the lady served him food and after he ate they started anointing the house.

when they entered the master bedroom she closed the door and told him that she is unable to pretend anymore and she was in love with him. she gave him 100k and the pastor felt into temptations and he slept with her and even spend the night there.

After two weeks he decided to confess his sins to the congregation. The following Sunday only a few members attended the church and he had to close it, he went into fasting for 40days and that when God resorted him once again and his life changed, he is now a pastor in Kiambu and a married man with two kids.

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